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Our online IT data backup service allows you to backup your data via your broadband connection to Edge IT Systems’ secure offsite data centre. Backups are scheduled to run automatically overnight and you can recover your data on demand. This disaster recovery solution ensures that your business plans for the unforeseen and would not suffer if anything drastic was to affect your IT set-up. Outsourcing the data backup aspect of your IT set-up not only saves you time and effort, it also gives you peace of mind. Our offsite servers are fully secure and backups are scheduled on a regular basis to ensure that if anything was to happen your business could respond quickly and effectively.

Our remote data backup solution utilises Remote Backup Software which is a tried and tested system. This software would be installed on your system to enable us to backup data via our remote server. Once an initial backup is taken via DVD or USB, data is then backed up on an incremental basis remotely. This works by only backing up files that are new of have changed since the initial backup. Each day Edge IT Systems IT Support stores a copy of the backup in a fireproof safe and once a week a backup is stored at an alternative location.

In addition to remote backup we also provide disaster recovery security solutions. We generate a copy of your computer including software, data and settings. Our computer copy is easy to restore onto new hardware enabling quick recovery. Our disaster recovery service gives you peace of mind. It provides you with the assurance that if anything was to go drastically wrong your business would remain unaffected, enabling you to fulfil customer expectations.

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