Funeral Director Booking Portal

  • Accessible via your computer, mobile, or tablet
  • Log in with your email address and password provided by your local cemetery or crematorium
  • Click Log In to open the portal in a new window.

Download the Web Portal Manual – Web Portal.pdf

RemoteApps Portal

  • Access Epitaph module via the Internet using Microsoft’s RemoteApp Portal.
  • Click Log In to open a new window allowing you to log in with your Username and Password
  • If the connection takes longer than 30 seconds to open, or fails to open, or you are prompted to enter your username and password again, then click here to update the RDP version on your computer.

Smartphone and Tablet Access via RD Client

  • Access Epitaph using either an Apple or Android smartphone or tablet
  • Connect using either a wireless or 3/4G connection
  • Ideal if you are either out in the field, or expriencing network issues on your office computers

Download the Smartphone and Tablet Connection Manual – Mobile Connection.pdf

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