Cloud Administration – Reality or Myth?

18th October 2022

EDGE IT Systems are delighted to be celebrating 30 years of providing software solutions and IT support to local councils and cemeteries.

For our 30th anniversary event we hosted a webinar on 18th October 2022 with the theme of “Cloud Administered Councils – Reality or Myth?”. You can use the links below to watch the recordings of the informative and topical sessions from the six, excellent guest speakers, and the two case studies.

The first group of sessions focuses on the environment and paperless administration, then a personal resilience session, followed by the launch of AdvantEDGE CRM, and finishing with a practical session on how to protect your Microsoft 365 and recover from a ransonware attack.

The webinar clearly demonstrated that cloud administered councils are a reality and that paperless administration is both good for the environment and improves the resilience of the council’s administration.

Session Minutes
Introduction to webinar and EDGE 9
Climate & Biodiversity Crisis – How can your Council reach Carbon Zero by 2030? 50
The Year We Went Paperless (case study) 11
Paperless Allotment Inspections (case study) 9
Digital mapping 40
The Pandemic – were you prepared for the Pandemic? 33
Hybrid Working – How to Improve our Personal Resilience 47
CRM Redefined – Introducing AdvantEDGE CRM for Council Relationship Management 42
Securing your data wherever it lives & how to survive being hacked ! 45

Please see below for further details about each video which for ease of reference are divided into chapters that are displayed at the bottom of the video. The contact details are also provided below for each of the presenters.

For information about our carbon neutral range of 10 software modules with digital mapping and inspections,
please call us on 024 7666 7337 or email

Introduction to webinar and EDGE


Chris Edge
CEO, EDGE IT Systems



Climate & Biodiversity Crisis
– How can your Council reach Carbon Zero by 2030?

Ed will present Hazlemere’s path to climate action alongside his own and follow this with suggestions of actions all parish and town councils should consider.

Ed Gemmell
Councillor to Hazlemere Parish Council
Independent Councillor to Buckinghamshire Council
Leader of Climate Party
Managing Director of Scientists Warning Europe


The Year we went Paperless

Carlos Novoth
Town Clerk
Stonehouse Town Council

Julie Shirley, Product Consultant at EDGE, interviews Carlos Novoth, Town Clerk to Stonehouse Town Council in a pre-recorded case study interview, where Carlos shares the process, his council went through to become paperless and the advice he would give to councils looking to do the same.


Paperless Allotment Inspections

Roland Potter
Parish Clerk
Bursledon Parish Council

Chris Edge, CEO at EDGE, interviews Roland in a pre-recorded case study interview, where he will share how his groundsman completes the process of allotments inspections, benefits gained through being paperless & plans for future paperless inspections on assets & playgrounds.


Digital Mapping

Mark Lloyd
Managing Director, Pear Technology

Jonathan Smith
Director, Pear Technology

Mark and Jonathan will explain how councils can use accurate, geo-referenced maps to support the management of their allotments, assets, cemeteries, council owned land, and trees.  Maps are based on the latest Ordnance Survey data which councils can access for free via the Public Sector Geospatial Agreement (PSGA).

You will learn how Pear’s maps can work with 3rd party software such as AdvantEDGE and InspectEDGE, and provide the public with the ability via the council website to search the cemetery map(s) when the maps are powered by Epitaph.


The Pandemic, were you prepared?

Marian Millington
Deputy President, ICCM

How can your cemetery be better prepared for a future emergency such as another pandemic? Marian will discuss this and explain how the ICCM can support you and how you can support the proposed Funeral Availability Reporting System (FARS). In a future emergency FARS will enable funeral directors to know which crematoria and cemeteries in their locality have availability for a funeral.


Hybrid Working – How to Improve Our Personal Resilience

Steve Wood
Personal Resilience Specialist

Hasn’t the world of work changed! Now, as well as the pressures of having to do more for less and having to deal with seemingly constant changes, we have to cope with and make the most of working from home.  In this 45-minute practical session, personal resilience specialist Steve Wood will take you through a series of short exercises to help you to remember and sharpen the habitual behaviours needed to deal well with these challenges. Time to be kind to yourself!!

Steve Wood is a performance coach, trainer/ facilitator, advisor, and author, with a 26-year track record of helping people and teams to improve performance, solve problems and enhance well being and personal resilience.

CRM Redefined – Introducing AdvantEDGE CRM for Council Relationship Management

Julia Breuer
Channel Manager EMEA, Maximizer

Julia will explain how you can use cloud based CRM software to manage relationships with the public, councillors, customers and suppliers, no matter where you are working, be it in the office, from home or on the move.

Learn how Maximizer software is powering the new AdvantEDGE CRM software to provide a “single pane of glass software” for officers to know everything that they need to know about any contact that is managed by any of the AdvantEDGE modules. AdvantEDGE CRM will enable every officer to work in a coordinated and collaborative way, no matter where they are physically working or whether they know how to use the relevant AdvantEDGE software module.

AdvantEDGE CRM will be launched during the 1st quarter of 2023 followed by Epitaph CRM for Cemetery & Crematorium Relationship Management, so to register your interest please email or call
024 7666 7337

EDGE are an authorised Maximizer business partner.

Maximizer Business Partner


Securing your data wherever it lives & how to survive being hacked !

Jamie Emmitt
Senior Product Specialist, Datto

Simon Bell
Senior Solutions Engineer for SaaS, Datto

Join Jamie and learn everything you need to know about the increasing threat to SaaS Apps & how cybercriminals are viewing this highly utilised and exposed facet of your business.

Simon will take attendees through a demonstration of a Ransomware attack and illustrate how EDGE can save your data and the impacts of being without a backup solution. Leave this 45 minute session feeling equipped with all the knowledge, advice & tips needed to protect your data both in and out of work.

EDGE are an authorised Datto business partner, so please call 024 7666 7337 or email for information on SaaS Protection for Microsoft 365 and Cloud Contintunity backup and recovery for your computers.

Datto Business Partner

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