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Cemetery Software & Crematorium Software

Whether you are responsible for a quiet, country cemetery or many busy cemeteries and crematoria, the Epitaph management suite is all you need to manage every aspect of the role. Epitaph is used nationwide, evolving over the last five decades into a simple to use, state of the art, comprehensive solution. All of your statutory registers, maps, accounts, letters and forms can be securely stored in this cloud-based, cemetery management solution. Work just got a whole lot easier for funeral homes and death care providers.

Why do you need cemetery management?

Document storage is integral: you can send your registers to the County Record Office; scan and dispose of all of the paperwork you currently file away; produce documents and letters from within Epitaph; invoice and receipt customers and run one of the 100+ reports available. The paperless office has arrived! It’s the best cloud software, offering a comprehensive solution for cemeteries.

Why choose Epitaph for your record keeping?

Developed by highly skilled software engineers and bereavement services professionals, Epitaph is fully compliant with burial and cremation legislation, Government guidance and the latest guidance from organisations like the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management (ICCM). You will always have access to support from a consistent team of technical support engineers and bereavement service professionals with over 40 years’ experience between them and who have themselves previously been clients.

We Deliver Quality Service

Our cemetery software has always been on the cutting edge: database management from the late 80s; cloud computing from 2006; now SaaS (software as a service), and still constantly evolving as we listen and collaborate with our clients. We update frequently and overnight so your work is not disturbed and you are always on the latest version. We take care of GDPR, disaster recovery and security, all you need to concentrate on is providing the best service that you can. Your data can never be “lost”.

There is no capital outlay, the software is licenced and leased to you either on a monthly, annual, three or five year contract, based on the number of concurrent users. There are Lite, Classic and Enterprise versions and add-ons in the form of geolocated mapping, integral email, a complete memorial inspection package and online, public genealogical searches. There are no hidden costs or extras.

Further Information about Cemetery Software

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Enjoy the Power of Digital Cemetery Mapping

Epitaph offers an easy to use solution to an age-old issue, cemetery mapping! In this digital world that we now live in, having an old mapping system seems like a costly time waste. With modern solutions, you can have a fully digitised, user-friendly interface that ultimately saves time and money. Our cemetery software offers your business the tools you need to have a fully digital cemetery map.

Make management and mapping easier with Epitaph as you say goodbye to the traditional way and save time with our modern online platform. Your burial plot will be maintained better than ever.

Why do you need cemetery document management software?

The world is slowly becoming more and more digital and it makes sense. It should be embraced as the benefits outweigh the negatives. Your business can rely on the safety of a record that can’t be lost or damaged, software that keeps your work safe, your business on track and your records accessible and permanent. These digital tools are essential for any business in today’s climate if you want a reliable management system.