Multi-functional Printers and Scanners

Whilst we do encourage our town and parish councils and SME’s to actively go paperless and reduce their carbon footprint, we realise that sometimes nothing beats having a piece of paper in your hand or a document that you can physically give someone.

For many, the initial purchase and cost of a smaller laser printer can look far more attractive than considering a bigger multi function device. The truth is that many suppliers will sell these devices with a ‘stack them high, sell them cheap’ approach knowing full well that you will then go on to spend astronomical amounts purchasing the consumables to run them.

Many of these devices come with just a one year warranty and have parts within them that once that warranty expires, are more expensive to replace than the device was to purchase in the first place! We also realise that scanning of documents to assist with remote working and reducing the amount of space taken up in filing cabinets is essential in today’s work environment. That is why we offer both scan to folder and also scan to email functions, to allow you to access everyday documents and letters wherever you maybe. 

We provide the latest and most cutting edge technology suited for your workplace. Click here to download our short guide to managed print services & office printing equipment.


Using print audit software, we strive to understand your current situation and give advice based on facts! Get in touch today to arrange a free of charge print audit. 

We base all our recommendations on facts and will only ever provide you with equipment that we feel is relevant to your business needs. We use cutting edge print audit technology to scan your network giving us the data required to advise exactly what equipment you require. We fully understand all your costs ahead of asking for the business, as the last thing you want to do is make a decision based on guesswork.  We provide outstanding service on all the products we provide. 

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