Internet and VOIP 

Speedy, Smart Data Connectivity 

Fast, Secure, reliable broadband is an essential for any modern town and parish council or business. Using the latest technology, we’re here to provide unbeatable, unlimited broadband services, keeping you online 24/7.

Our clever connectivity platform allows you to merge your internet and voice connections on a single network. All allowing you to reap important cost savings, while delivering an impeccable quality service. Thanks to our expert knowledge, we offer unrivalled data connectivity, and advising on innovative solutions is what we do best. 

Future Proofing Your Options 

Advancements in technology are driving a huge shift as applications move from physical premises to the cloud. So, as a business, you won’t just be thinking about getting a speedy, dependable internet connection. You’ll also be faced with a whole new and ever-changing set of options for your broadband. 

Our Data Services Include: 

  • Unlimited ADSL broadband 
  • Unlimited superfast fibre broadband 
  • Unlimited ultrafast fibre broadband 

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) Offers Flexible, Fuss-Free Telephony Solutions 

Today’s advanced telephony innovations give your town and parish council or business business easy-to-manage, secure systems.

With the ability to make and receive calls at your desk, at home, on your mobile device or on a PC/tablet you have the flexibility to choose how you communicate with your customers and from what location.

With ‘one number anywhere’ never miss a call and make it easy for your contacts to speak to you – great customer service. 

Scalable Solution 

Do you have more than one office? Link them seamlessly and route internal and external calls across your network for efficient low cost communication. 

With an easy to use interface you have features you can control. Quickly set up call routing (by location, time of day, day of week), give the ability to record important calls, set up auto attendant to answer and direct calls, implement voicemail to email to get important messages on your mobile device, the choice is yours. 

Maintain Security and Costs 

Smart and customisable, all your calls will be made over an internet connection, with state-of-the-art security inbuilt. Even better, we take care of both the hardware and the software that keeps your system in check. This includes regular software updates as standard. 

With minimal upfront or installation costs we can keep costs under your control. Payment is through a monthly plan per user, for easy budgeting and accountability 

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