AdvantEDGE Asset Manager enables efficient management of your assets including streetlights, street furniture, office equipment, land, buildings, and vehicles. Click Here to download an information sheet on AdvantEDGE Asset Manager

AdvantEDGE Asset Manager is free for AdvantEDGE Finance clients for 50 assets selected from the finance asset register

Main Features

• Record details of assets of including location, finance, inspections, insurance, and notes
• Paperless administration includes outbound email, photographs, and attachments
• Streetlight fault logging, management, and reporting
• Automatic asset numbering schemes
• Link assets to digital maps including Google maps and what3words
• Dashboard displays clickable count of each class of asset
• Mail merge and document production facility
• All reports are easily previewed, printed, exported to PDF or Word, and emailed directly to recipients
• Integrates with equipment in AdvantEDGE Playgrounds module
• Integrates with asset register in AdvantEDGE Finance module
• Integrates with InspectEDGE for asset inspections
• Ruggedized InspectEDGE tablet and app available separately
• Inspections details and photographs recorded by InspectEDGE are saved in AdvantEDGE Asset Manager
• Inspections and photographs can be recorded without InspectEDGE app

Options Available

• RFID tagging facility available with handheld reader via specialist partner

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