How Cemetery Mapping Works

A cemetery grave map is very important. It allows visitors to accurately locate their beloved ones, it helps the local cemetery to organise the arrangement of additional graves, and it allows researchers to explore burial sites as well. Cemetery records allow us to record historical information and the details of a specific grave for future […]

Cemetery Software In The Funeral Industry

Funeral home software and professional programs now offer funeral directors and cemetery and crematorium management, the tools needed to properly manage records. From general planning to cemetery and crematorium mapping, cemetery and crematorium management software lets you make funeral arrangements easily, accurately, and quickly. In this article, we are going to explain a little bit […]

Where Can I Find Burial Records

Burial records

A lot of people are interested in tracing their history, whilst we live in a hyper-connected society, it seems more than ever we are loosing touch with our heritage and history. As a result, people are trying to retrace their ancestral footsteps, which means they need to locate burial records to find out where people […]

What Is A Plot Management System?

Plot Management Software

Running a graveyard and managing the records of where people are buried, what land is available and general details can be tricky. New land developers need to know where to develop next and how to record where they have recently buried someone. Finding a solution to this issue is a lot easier with Epitaph – […]

CBCE 2022 – IT Lessons Learnt from the Pandemic

On Monday 20th June, Chris Edge (CEO) & Peter Linsell (Product Consultant) presented the opening paper at CBCE 2022 in Southampton. As the first in-person conference since the pandemic, the event was key for anyone involved in the bereavement sector and a great opportunity for all to network and acquire the most up-to-date and relevant […]

Ian Quance

On the 21st of March, Ian Quance peacefully passed away after fighting cancer for 2½ years. He will be greatly missed as both a friend and a work colleague by the team at EDGE. 🤍 Ian played a significant role in the development of Epitaph our cemetery and crematorium administration software, and the InspectEDGE memorial […]

Welcome to our first General Manager

EDGE IT Systems Ltd are pleased to welcome and introduce Shane Pelchat as our first General Manager, who joined the team on Friday 4th February 2022. Shane is an experienced engineer and brings with him a wealth of knowledge from a wide range of industry sectors. He joins EDGE during an exciting time of growth. […]

Log4Shell Security Update

None of our products have been effected by the security vulnerability detected on 9th November known as Log4Shell. Please continue to use our products as normal and we will continue monitoring the situation, keeping you working smoothly and your information safe.