Setup Microsoft RemoteApps

If you are using an Android or Apple device please email for instructions.

On a Windows computer, follow the steps below which uses the Microsoft Edge web browser.

(1) Create Desktop Icon

Click here to create the EDGE IT RemoteApps icon on your desktop and configure IE mode.
– If you do not have permission to do the above, please contact your IT support.

(2) Optional – Create Favourite in Microsoft Edge

– open Microsoft Edge browser
– open
– click Favourites icon on Edge toolbar
– click icon to ‘Add this page to favourites’
– enter: EDGE IT RemoteApps

(3) Troubleshooting – Internet Explorer (IE) Mode
Microsoft RemoteApps must be run in IE mode which is setup in Step (1).
If you cannot complete Step (1) you can setup IE mode for 30 days at a time as follows:
– click the Ellipsis button … on Edge toolbar in right hand corner
– click ‘Reload in Internet Explorer mode’
– click ‘Open this page in Internet Explorer mode next time’
– click Done

(3) Test RemoteApps

– open ‘EDGE IT RemoteApps’
– select ‘This is a private computer’
– login with your creditionals
– try a test print from either Epitaph or an AdvantEDGE module
– click “My Docs (Online)”

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