InspectEDGE is an inspection solution for allotments, assets, cemeteries, events, markets and playgrounds.

Click Here for a copy of the InspectEDGE product sheet and click here to setup or update the InspectEDGE App.

Supplied as a ruggedized Android tablet with the InspectEDGE app that integrates with the relevant AdvantEDGE and Epitaph module.

Currently available for allotments, assets, Epitaph cemeteries and will be available for events, markets and playground inspections in October 2022.


InspectEDGE app

  • Weblink to download what needs to be inspected from relevant AdvantEDGE module or Epitaph
  • Weblink to upload and save inspection results in AdvantEDGE module or Epitaph
  • Take up to 4 photographs of each inspection
  • Record condition of what is inspected
  • Specify when to reinspect
  • Record inspection location via optional GPS link


  • InspectEDGE has been developed and tested with a very accurate survey grade GPS receiver
  • A more cost effective alternative that is accurate to 2.5 metres would be a regular, Bluetooth GPS receiver, such as XGPS 160 Sky Pro
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