EDGE IT Office – Covid-19 Update

We hope you are all keeping indoors and safe. Just a very quick message to reassure you that : 1. We are all working from home and have been for 2 weeks, so we are able to help you without any of our staff taking a risk. We are in close touch with each other […]

Finance End of Year Preparation – Week 4 of 8

Most of you will now know that PK Littlejohn’s have deferred the sending out of the AGAR until they have more clarity from central Government. At this time the Government has not changed the timetable for Town and Parish Councils, so it is important that we carry on as normal at this time. Here at […]

Office 365 – Coronavirus Advice and Planning

With the recent floods and the ongoing health risk caused by the Coronavirus, we just wanted to remind all users of the ability to logon to Office 365 from home using your personal computer either windows or mac, tablets and mobiles. One of the many benefits of your emails and documents being hosted online through […]