Staying Safe and Epitaph

The team at EDGE appreciate the challenges that you are facing on the front line, and we are doing whatever we can to support you during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As Epitaph is cloud based software, our clients have been able to continue administering their crematoria and cemeteries as normal, from wherever and whenever they need to. Be that at the office, crematoria, cemetery or from home.

Our pandemic booking diaries are on standby and can be activated by our clients if they need to increase the number of funerals. Typically, over 55% of Epitaph funerals are booked online by funeral directors.
Although we have dispersed our staff to their homes to keep them safe, we are able to provide a normal service to our clients because we are 100% cloud based including phone and video conferencing.

Epitaph is a software as a service (SaaS) that ensures all our clients are always on the latest version of our software, and EDGE are responsible for the backups, disaster recovery and server upgrades which we take very seriously.

Our data centre in Coventry is monitored 24×7 and it is backed up to the cloud, every hour. Epitaph is underpinned by a 3rd party service that guarantees Epitaph to be operational within 2 hours of either a disaster at the data centre, or, a catastrophic event eliminating the EDGE team. If the SaaS Escrow is activated, Epitaph clients have 60 days to implement 1 of our 4 Escrow options, which range from downloading the data and Epitaph software with a 1 year license to switching to a hosted solution with a 3rd party together with the Epitaph source code and a perpetual license.

Meanwhile as an experienced IT service company the team at EDGE would be pleased to assist anybody that needs to be able to work remotely.

We wish you well and look forward to assisting you… perhaps by a video call until it is safe
to meet face to face again.