Rotherham Council

Peter Linsell played a key role in our outsourcing of bereavement services in the initial feasibility scoping work and assisting the Council in the preparation of the tender documents and pre-qualification process. Peter assisted the Council at very short notice to cover a period of sick leave of the Council’s project manager, to provide invaluable input into the final drafting of the Output Specification in conjunction with the Council’s partner.

Peter has a strong knowledge of the bereavement services industry gained from his work in both the public sector and for a national institution. He recognises the challenges facing the industry and the opportunities that the private sector offers for partnering with the public sector, to enable the public sector to meet those challenges and improve the service that it provides to its customers. His experience at Rotherham means that he is uniquely placed to advise other organisations who are looking to follow Rotherham’s pioneering route.

Peter combines detailed knowledge and experience with a can-do attitude, a flexible approach and a strong work ethic, with a commitment to meet agreed deadlines. Peter is a strong team player and is highly respected by private sector operators. Without hesitation I would recommend Peter to your organisation.