Allotments version 7.06 released

The 4th release this year takes allotments from version 7.02 to 7.06.

This new release focuses on finance. For instance, larger invoice numbers are now displayed and automatically generated. Invoice numbers will be set to a default showing the year, a short allotment site code, the allotment number and the holder’s surname, for example, 2015-JF06-SMITH. This means you can immediately link an invoice to both an individual allotment and it’s holder using the number. There are enhanced income reports and also a new report ‘Due income using transactions by holder’  which is ordered by holder name and shows the total owing for each holder.

There were 17 enhancements in this release including improved watermarks, labels for people on the waiting list and a link between allotment holders and allotment details.

Full details can be found in the releases document, which is available after logging onto RemoteApps via the Support -Manuals -Allotments folder.