Service Manager – Utilise Free of Charge for Covid-19 Helpline

During this difficult and challenging time, we have been looking at ways to assist our customers with the new issues that they are now faced with.

We have been able to successfully adapt our Service Manager module to allow your council to manage and track calls and requests from residents and to assign to volunteers.

We are offering our AdvantEDGE Server Manager free of charge to any clients that would like to use this via our RemoteApps platform.

If you would like to be setup for this, please log a request via Edith or emailing

Here’s how the system has helped the clerk at Nailsworth Town COuncil, Katherine Kearns manage with the situation:

“Phew! Another busy day…

We’re using Service Manager to log calls to our parish COVID19 Helpline.

We’re using a web-based VOIPfone answer service to record people’s messages and these are logged to the Service Manager by our staff during office hours. We’ve set up categories for prescription collection, shopping, social chat and referrals to other organisations. We can assign the calls to our volunteer team leaders and email them out daily so they can be dealt with promptly.

Our volunteers’ details are also logged and we can use the Service Manager to keep a secure track of both residents and volunteers.

All logged calls remain on Service Manager so that repeat callers can be identified and we can build up a history of their needs.

It’s working really well for us so far, just two and a half days in.
Thank you to the Edge It Systems team for pulling this together so quickly when we need it most!”

Best regards