Log4Shell Security Update

None of our products have been effected by the security vulnerability detected on 9th November known as Log4Shell. Please continue to use our products as normal and we will continue monitoring the situation, keeping you working smoothly and your information safe.

Using AdvantEDGE to Enhance your Website

Our cloud based, administration software provides live content and functionality for your website. Here are two examples for AdvantEDGE Facilities Bookings and Epitaph, and there are more planned for the future. Online Bookings • Clearly display the current availability of your facilities. • Easy access for the public to make booking enquiries with one simple […]

Office 365 – Coronavirus Advice and Planning

With the recent floods and the ongoing health risk caused by the Coronavirus, we just wanted to remind all users of the ability to logon to Office 365 from home using your personal computer either windows or mac, tablets and mobiles. One of the many benefits of your emails and documents being hosted online through […]